what is the red flag trend?Emoji of red flags are all over Twitter
what is the red flag trend?Emoji of red flags are all over Twitter

what is the red flag trend?Emoji of red flags are all over Twitter

what is the red flag trend?


Emoji of red flags are all over Twitter

If the pink flag emoji has taken over your timeline this week, you’re no longer on my own. People are sharing what they deem as “red flags” to appearance out for in relationship and it has exploded into the cutting-edge viral social media trend. Social media users are posting situations they’ve skilled or found that stood out to them as turn-offs in a new person followed by way of more than one pink flag emojis. While the trend went viral earlier this week, it’s now not new. TikTok users have been sharing prolonged movies explaining distinctive questionable matters that made them increase their eyebrows when relationship someone new seeing that in advance this 12 months, however it has considering that been translated into meme shape on Twitter and different systems.

It commenced as something a piece greater critical in an effort to help human beings keep away from doubtlessly harmful relationships, friendships, and conditions however now it has traveled to different mediums in a lighter, frequently funnier way. People are posting the maximum obvious bad matters they appearance out for, while others are declaring barely petty things like how someone likes their steak cooked or whether or no longer they prefer pineapple on pizza. Is a person truly evil if they order a nicely-completed steak at dinner? According to Twitter, they is probably. Keep reading to find out all approximately how the crimson flag emoji took over your timeline and to look a number of the funniest memes from the latest viral social media fashion.

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@jrannn if it’s over a mill run for the hills 🙉 #redflags ♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

What’s a pink flag?

A pink flag is generally used as a caution for some incoming risk. They’re used to sign sinking ships or to inform beachgoers which aspect of the sea is simply too dangerous to swim in. A purple flag additionally has a figurative meaning. When it comes to human beings and relationships, it’s used as a manner to locate that there is probably a trouble or trouble with this person’s conduct that desires to be addressed or to save you you from transferring ahead with them. People use crimson flags within the early stages of courting to detect a possible poor, unlikeable, abusive, or dangerous trait that their ability partner might have. Red flags can also arise in friendships or between circle of relatives contributors. Those who are conscious and careful enough to understand them can evade it, whilst a few forget about the purple flags and address the consequences later.

When did the pink flag emoji trend start?

So a long way, it’s hard to factor out where it all originated from. There were plenty of instances within the media these days of abusive relationships in which the red flags seemed evident however things proceeded and it ended badly, so it’s no wonder that people are opening up about the risks associated with relationships. There are TikTok customers who had been allotting courting recommendation the use of the #RedFlags hashtag as a ways returned as May and they shared what they saw as terrible behavior in other humans, to help others keep away from a doubtlessly dangerous or unsightly state of affairs. They highlighted such things as a person who is clingy and love bombs you proper away, a person who continuously brings up their exes, and extra serious such things as punching holes in walls when they’re angry.

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But because it goes with maximum internet discourse, some humans didn’t take it critically and poked amusing at it by turning the warnings into a hilarious meme. By the time the trend hit Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, things took a lighter turn and it started spreading fast. People started deeming minimum and inconsequential matters as “purple flags,” and the meme took off. The layout is also so easy to apply since it’s just a phrase along side an extended string of emojis. So many human beings participated within the trend because it required such little attempt, and for a few social media customers, the fashion was aging fast.

What were some of the maximum famous purple flag memes?

Red flags are a terrific way to be extra discerning with regards to friendships and relationships, but some human beings are judging others on some pretty trivial matters. For a few, any other person not liking their favored TV display like The Office, movies like Harry Potter, or their favourite singer is taken into consideration a pink flag. In the grand scheme of things, that shouldn’t be a large deal however it can signify a bigger problem of lacking compatibility down the road. People additionally shared their own values and what’s critical to them and lots of others agreed with their takes with the aid of retweeting and reposting their takes. Check out some standouts below.

There’s no inexperienced flag emoji however that didn’t forestall social media users from flipping the script and sharing wonderful signs in a person that makes them greater appealing as a ability partner. Instead of the red flag, they used the inexperienced checkmark emoji and shared a few good qualities to look out for in a substantial other. It’s no longer frequently that things take a high-quality activate social media, but when they do, the results are also golden.

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Celebrities joined in on the crimson flag trend

Celebrities, TV indicates, and brands were brief to jump on the fashion to funny story together with their fans. Some, like Kehlani, shared what they deemed as purple flags with the singer announcing a person who usually orders fowl arms at restaurants would possibly simply be complicated, or as a minimum uncultured. Twitter, Monster Energy, You, and Seinfeld additionally participated, warning their enthusiasts that if someone doesn’t like them, it would simply be a crimson flag they shouldn’t ignore. These crimson flag tweets are difficult to get away right now, so that you might as nicely join in on the amusing.

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